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Campaign Living

Campaign living came to cove26 looking for a full-service studio,

that is able to support their marketing visuals and budget.

The need was for a studio that can handle multiple photo stages each with its own special look and feel, all this on the same day.

They took full advantage of our natural studio space while their second team was shooting at the cove on a multicolor background.

Our retouching team color corrected and retouched their images and the whole thing wrapped successfully

campaign living_cove26.jpg
campaign living_cove26.gif
Hollywood reporter photoshoot

What an exciting shoot (:

Hollywood Reporter along with famed photographer

Miller Mobley came to us looking for a photo & video space that is able to support their creative vision for a cover story on
A-list comedian/actress, Tiffany Haddish. 

Their set designer built an amazing scenery using the cove,
and they used our kitchen area  for Tiffany’s video interview.